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About Venable's

Venable's Construction started in the Texas Panhandle town of Dumas in 1994 suppling welding, labor and equipment to the local production companies for weld hook-ups and civil work on and around drilling locations.  Over the last 2 decades Venable's has grown to a construction company that includes:

  • Mainlines
  • Gathering Systems (Including Poly and Fiberglass
  • Compressor Stations
  • Pump Stations
  • Automation Upgrades
  • Integrity Projects
  • Maintenance
  • Spill Response / Environmental Clean Up and Restoration

Our Philosophy

Venable's Construction strives to attain the highest level of safety, quality, professionalism, honesty and believes in hard work. We are committed to timely completion of project with the utmost regard for safety, customer satisfaction and environmental preservation. Scott Venable is a true believe that our work force is the most valuable asset we possess. We spare no expense to make sure our workforce has all the training, correct equipment and support to do our work as safe and efficiently as humanly possible.

Our Resources

Our services are supported through a normal work forces of between 500 – 800 people depending on current activity but have manage projects and people up to over 1100. Venable's maintains a significant inventory of heavy equipment and support equipment including mechanics, fuel trucks, and a fleet of heavy haul trucks. In addition to company owned equipment we have alliances with Caterpillar and other major equipment suppliers and rental companies.

Our Clients

Where We Work

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